Interview with Occupational Therapist: Liana Bucciarelli

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  • By Liana Bucciarelli
  • Published on October 22, 2023

Hi! My name is Liana Bucciarelli and I am an occupational therapist. I work in pediatrics and traumatic brain injury. I am a Certified Primitive Reflex Clinical Specialist and I love all things neurorehab! I am also trained in the TR-eat Feeding Therapy approach as well. I have worked mostly in outpatient pediatrics the past three years as an OT where I have done everything from treating to managing to learn all of the in’s and out’s of pediatric therapy. I also run the social media accounts and online stores for my business OTBYME, LLC where I help spread advocacy and education to others about occupational therapy and hope to bridge the gap from school to clinician with my resources.

What did you go to school for? 

Occupational science and occupational therapy, I got lucky to know what I always wanted to do from the time I started school!

What is your current job title and how has that changed since you first started working?

My current job title is occupational therapist. I currently wear a hat for all things pediatrics where I work mostly in outpatient pediatrics, but I do visit a school and some homes for early intervention therapies as well. One day a week I treat traumatic brain injury clients as well. My first job was a per diem position in a nursing home, but since then I have worked exclusively in outpatient pediatrics as it is where I feel the most passionate and confident in. 

What made you decide to become a therapist?

I decided to become a therapist because I wanted to help people. I was inspired by my cousin with autism after watching his early intervention session, and since then I knew that was what I wanted to do and haven’t looked back or doubted it since!

What are some different roles you’ve held since becoming a therapist? Feel free to include any side hustles/part time work!

I have worked as a per diem therapist, independent contractor, early interventionist, salary employee, manager, fieldwork educator. I make money from sales from Etsy and Teacher Pay Teacher shop as well where I sell digital resources that I have made. 

What would you share with someone who wanted to find a position like yours or build a company/brand such as yours?

I would encourage you to follow your passions and your gut. Both lead you to exactly where you need to be. I would also encourage you to learn from every and anyone you can as there is always something more you can learn and no matter where your journey leads you, the information and experience along the way will help you. Never be the person who knows everything, but seeks to be the person wanting to learn everything.  

What would you share with someone who is starting their journey to be a therapist?

Shadow! Find a mentor. Ask questions. Do research. Its okay to not know the answer and to spend time figuring it out. Also, listen to your clients and their families. They know themselves better than you do and their input is just as valuable as your own knowledge. 

What are you most passionate about with your role as a therapist?

I am most passionate about helping others, being an advocate for my clients and educating others. 

What are ways our readers can connect with you and follow what you are up to?

Follow me on Instagram and Tik Tok @otbyme . For any questions or inquires please message me at Check out my online resources for students, therapists and parents!


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